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  During the crisis the automotive market was heavily affected. The priorities of broader sections of society have undoubtedly changed, life often shrunk to merely an effort for survival, with the added impact of Covid-19. The numbers, in this case, clearly outline the situation. During 2010-2011, within two years, the car market shrunk by 58.6%. In 2012 the market hit a record low with 62,000 registrations, while until 2018, for seven consecutive years, sales per year ranged under the tacit limit of 100,000 - the market returning to the pre-1989 era. Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A., in any case, midway through the decade, in 2015, had every reason to be proud as it celebrated cumulative sales of 600,000 Datsun-Nissan cars in Greece. Moreover, in 2013 a new management took the reins, with Takis Theocarakis as Vice-President and Managing Director.
The decade 2010-2019 closed at a total of 887,876 sales – in 2014 the market showed signs of recovery, after shrinking
by approximately 80%. From then on, the market steadily recovered until 2019. In 2018, registrations hit six-figure numbers, approximately 111,000, further increasing the following year, to 122,081 registrations. In 2020, registrations dropped
yet again by nearly 35,000. In this ominous environment,
In 2015, Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. celebrated 600,000 cumulative sales
of Datsun - Nissan cars in Greece.
Below, an advertisement from the campaign that Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. launched to express its gratitude to the public.
2011-2021 The era of sustainable mobility
The used car market recorded 321,778 transfers
of ownership in total compared to 292,150 transfers the previous year
- an increase of 10.1%. Thus, the ratio of new to used cars in 2013 was 1 to 5.48, while two years earlier it was 1 to 3.44.

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