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 Nissan Sporteam A Matter of Passion
Garyfalos Fykias, Giorgos Trypos, Nikos Andrianos, Kostas Vouloumbasakis, Dimitris Stamou, Giorgos Vlachos, Iordanis Pappas - while in 2003 the K11 succeeded the Micra K12. That year Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A., in collaboration with
the Association of Car Race Drivers (SOAA), organised the Micra Racing Cup 2003.
In this instance we see the nearly simultaneous arrival of a new model on the market and its participation in the races, which demonstrates the reliability of Micra. In 2007, Note succeeded Micra in the Nissan Note Cup.
Nissan Sporteam, at the time, had already been operating for 30 years with a continuous involvement in car races in our country. Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A., with its participation in races, on the one hand proves the unsurpassed reliability of its models, and on the other, transfers the know-how it acquires to production cars, in the Almera Challenge and Micra Racing versions, while contributing significantly to the evolution of motor sports in our country.
“Stratisino”, behind the wheel of a Nissan Sunny GTi-R won the Pan-Hellenic Championship three times in the N category. Here, with T. Pavli as his co-driver “in flight”
at the Acropolis Rally. ©Kakoliris N. archive
 Photo pp. 228-229 ©Kakoliris N. archive

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