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 The 1-ton Nissan Pickup 720 was the first model ever produced in Volos. By 1986, 38,942 vehicles had been distributed in the Greek market, solidifying the leading role of Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. in the light truck category. Forty-five different versions of the Pickup and the King Cab were assembled in Volos.
operating a year earlier, became mandatory, resulting in
an anticipated significant drop in sales - nevertheless, the average age of cars circulating in Greece at the beginning of 1988 was 10.6 years, at a time when the respective average in EEC countries did not exceed 7 years. This started changing in 1990, when there were 1,754,000 cars in the country, of
an average fleet age of 11.3 years - obviously resulting in
air pollution. In October 1988, Member States of the EEC, introduced the so-called “unleaded” petrol, while the new anti-pollution technologies became compulsory in the EEC from 1991 onwards. Greece had aligned with this process a year earlier, when the prices of CAT cars notably decreased. The end-of-life scrapping measure was also introduced in late 1990. This was the general environment in which the
TEOCAR S.A. plant in Volos operated and produced cars.
Japanese production methods were implemented in the plant
in Volos, spot welding was automated in 1986 and a robotic

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