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Giorgos Moschous won 8 Panhellenic Rally Championships for Nissan Sporteam of
Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. The first win was in 1979, with a Datsun Violet 160J GT and Alexis "Simetra II" Konstantakatos as his co-driver. After that,
he had 3 consecutive wins in 1980 and in 1981 with the same co-driver in the cockpit of a Violet GTS, and in 1982 with Kostas Fertakis, who in some races succeeded A. Konstantakatos. In 1983,
G. Moschous - K. Fertakis won the championship driving a Nissan 240 RS. In 1984, K. Fertakis was succeeded by A. Konstantakatos and Manolis Makrinos, and G. Moschous won with his co-drivers his sixth championship driving again the 240 RS, as he did in 1985, with co-drivers
this time M. Makrinos and Dimitris Vazakas.
In 1986, G. Moschous won the eighth consecutive championship driving a 240 RS ET, with D. Vazakas as his co-driver.
Giorgos Moschous - Stratis
“Stratisino” Hatzipanagiotou.
The former won 8 Pan-Hellenic
Rally Championships on behalf
of Nissan Sporteam. The latter has won 5 Championships in the N
and F2 categories as a member of Nissan Sporteam. G. Moschous had his first win at the Olympic Rally on June 1st, 1979, while his first time driving
for Nissan Sporteam was just a few months prior to the race, on the 11th of March 1979. G. Moschous won his first championship in 1979. “Stratisino” joined Nissan Sporteam in 1983.

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