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 The Racing Department of Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. was founded in 1976, as the result of the passion of Ioannis Theocarakis. The team’s first car was a right-hand drive Datsun Violet 710 - with a similar car H. Kalstrom - G. Anderson won the International Rally Acropolis in 1976
- and the first crew were Tassos ‘‘Siroko’’ Livieratos - Manolis Makrinos. Their maiden race was the Spring Rally, on March 12-13, 1977, in which they were proclaimed winners. The year ended succesfully, since the duo were crowned Greek champions.
In 1979, ‘‘Siroko’’ was succeeded by Giorgos Moschous - first race with the Datsun Violet 160J GT was that year’s Spring Rally (11th March) with Sotos Kokkinis as his co-driver. The championship of 1979 was followed by another seven championships for G. Moschous and Nissan Sporteam, while the multi-time champion was ranked top Greek driver at the Acropolis four times.
Nissan Sporteam is the oldest racing team in our country, making
Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. the representative with the longest involvement in car racing in Greece, with a collection of 16 pan-Hellenic rally
The drivers and co-drivers of Nissan at the 29th Acropolis Rally, next
to a Datsun HA10, in front of the company’s facilities at 169 Athinon Avenue. Vasilios Theocarakis
and G. Moschous (on his right) can be recognised on the photo. Next to the latter, T. Salonen, and S. Meta on the other side
of the Datsun HA10.
Nissan Sporteam A Matter of Passion

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