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The Special Traffic Department of the Ministry of Public Works appointed, in 1962, the W. Smith
firm to conduct the first study regarding traffic regulations in Attica,
and it was delivered
a year later. The study focused mainly
on the traffic flows
of vehicles.
The Athens-Thessaloniki National road reached
the city of Lamia,
five years later Larissa, and from there the Evzoni border station. The Greek highway network was connected to the European one. In 1961, Pinios Bridge was built, while in 1960, the OVELPA roadside assistance became available for drivers
on the National motorways.
There was a specially designated space for cars for the first time in
the 27th Thessaloniki International Fair,
and 38 types of vehicles were put on display.
unchanged. Additionally, during the period 1967-1974 there was a general ban on sales on credit, while for the first 9 months of 1974 the import of cars was completely banned due to the events in Cyprus. Especially during the period 1967-1973, a foreign currency limit was set every year based on the value of cars imported during the previous year. Nevertheless, despite the - still - limited size of the market, registrations kept increasing between 1967 and 1970
- 19,266 registrations in 1967, 34,384 in 1970 and approximately
an additional 5,000 the following year, and so all registered cars
in Greece were estimated at 400,000. After all, it wasn’t easy to purchase a new car in terms of cost. For instance, in 1957, just 36.4% of the people with a monthly income higher than 4,000 drachmas decided to buy a new car, while in 1963 solely individuals with an income higher than 6,600 drachmas proceeded with making a purchase. In fact, the taxation of cars - as established in 1958 and remained until 1976 - included, apart from the additional special fee, a tariff, a special fee and a registration tax. Evidently, the acquisition of the much coveted car and its maintenance
 A sales contract and down payment receipt, signed by Ioannis Theocarakis,
of a Datsun Bluebird 1200 - equipped with radio
and heater - between
Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. and Micheal J. Kitsoglou, on the 30th April 1963. It was one
of the 264 Bluebird that were sold from 1963 until 1964.

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