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  with 11,158 registrations - and
by 1991 sales were up to 41,121
vehicles. The Cherry N12 became
available in 1983 and by 1987 there
were 10,934 cars registered. The Micra
K10 was introduced to the market in 1982.
After the introduction of the «odd-even»
license plate measure at the end of 1981, many
people were looking to purchase a second, smaller car, despite the fact that in 1987 a car with a 1.0 litre engine was still taxed at a rate of 99% on factory price. Up until 1993, Micra was chosen by 10,000 drivers. As for Primera (1990-1997), it sold 8,674 cars. Of course, the Pickup
(720 [1980-1986], LB 120 (1984-1995), D21 [1986-1998]), selling
a total of 79,695 cars, was addressed to the light commercial vehicle market - trucks in the countryside served as passenger cars, also, due to the Excise Tax reliefs. The total sales of pickup trucks during 1984-1998 did not exceed 278,000
Top left, Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A.,
at the Thessaloniki International Fair. Bottom left, the effort to inform and train employees is a long-standing commitment for the company. In the background, professor Nikos Theocarakis.
On the right, the Vanette (8,626 cars between 1986 and 1995), confirming
the company’s continuous expansion into the automotive market by meeting diverse consumer needs.

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