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The Theocarakis family founded TEOCAR Ltd. in 1976, thereby expanding its operations to the production of
cars. At a first phase, it operated as a manufacturing plant of cargo beds for Datsun Pickups in the facilities of TEOCAR S.A. in Egaleo, at 268 Thivon Street. These cargo beds would undergo modifications as compared to those of the Japanese production line. The cargo bed base was elevated, thus increasing capacity.
In 1978, the planning of a large car assembly plant in the Industrial Area of Volos began, and TEOCAR Ltd. was converted into a Société Anonyme, with 100% Greek funds. At the time, Datsun owned 48 plants across the world, most of them as subsidiaries. Despite the small size of the Greek automotive market, the proposal of the Theocarakis Group was positively received by the Japanese, since it provided an opportunity for Datsun to solidify its share and presence in the European market, despite the upcoming European Union restrictions. Key person working towards this technological cooperation agreement
1980-1995 The power rising from Volos
During the decade 1971- 1980, a total of 823,415 cars were registered
in our country. Over
the following decade, until 1990, 968,422 cars were registered, peaking in 1982 (123,350) and 1990 (174,226). Registrations surged again later, since there were 1,969,584 registrations of new cars during 1991-2000.

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