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  with 35,732 registrations, about 50,000 fewer compared to 1979, closing with 115,314 registrations in 1990. A total of 706,953 private passenger cars were registered, out of the overall 968,422 vehicles, about 140,000 more than the previous decade. In 1990, there were 1,754,000 vehicles in circulation, with an average fleet age of 11.34 years.
The scrapping measure introduced a new factor in the Greek car market and by July 1991 a new record had been set for registrations, while in the first year of its implementation 184,000 cars were taken off the roads. In 1992, the market
Photos on the left, Nic. J. Theocarakis S.A. always present in motor shows, showcasing its cars and providing detailed information to customers.
The owner and driver of the oldest taxi circulating in Greece in 1990,
Kostas Kastaris, proudly poses next to his 410 Bluebird 1.2, which had covered more
than 1 million km.
Law 1515/1985 on the Master Plan for Athens was published, during the ministership of Antonis Tritsis. For the first time since the founding of
the modern Greek state, the implementation of such a law appeared to be achievable, due to
a network of laws that reinforced it and ensured any economic processes. From this point on,
the problems were of different nature and the recommended solutions were expressed through laws associated with the Master Plan, such as, Law 2052/1992 "Measures
to address pollution
and urban planning regulations", which revised the Tritsis law.

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